World's first mutually benefitial crowdfunding

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How does it all work? Download our White Paper to get a detailed look at the platform, and technical specifications to find out why Powershare is the future of fundraising.

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Fuel for ideas

Our unequal world desperately needs changes, but the power to change is limited by resources, reserved for the privileged few. We are here to level the playing field. We believe that small, personal, local changes lead to bigger shifts in the society. That’s why we want to make sure every voice has a chance to be heard, every idea has enough fuel to get off the ground.


Fundmining = Crowdfunding meets crypto

To remove any barriers to the spirit of giving, we created a platform where ordinary people can raise money without actually paying money. Powershare is where crowdfunding meets mining for cryptocurrencies - simply by keeping a browser tab open, anyone can convert unused computing power into Fire, our cryptocurrency to fund important ideas and causes.


Revolution in Fundraising

While the algorithm runs to power up the chosen cause, the generated Fire is split between the project and the backers. Every supporter gets a fair share of the profit, according to the power they donated. For the first time in history, you get paid for giving!